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  1. Oh my god, you guys are all amazing!! Thank you so much, i was able to solve it by combining all your answers!!! Thank you all for your effort and time once again...
  2. Hello, thank you all for your patience and responses I think i didn't explain my problem fully, main issue is that i can't apply second path ( #target ) to ( #path ), i saw that scrollTrigger gives me options to move that svg along the line of path, i just can't seem to find a way to connect it in proper manner... i've tried using official greensock codepen "Horizontal section scrolling" but can't apply it to my example.. I have scrollable sections ( horizontal ) and whenever i scroll i need svg to move https://codepen.io/nikolamilovac/pen/ZEeWPEN?editors=1111 This is so cloose on forward scroll, its going too fast and jumping..
  3. Main problem i am having is that i can't set start/end and how do i call that on click, what i am trying to achieve is that while im having this svg on bottom of the page, when i use scrollTrigger to move horizontal slides for this svg ( bicycler to follow path-track to specific point ) Below is the codepen with svg and my failed code... https://codepen.io/nikolamilovac/pen/qBrZNex
  4. Hey, this worked fantastic :) but i have another problem, i need it to go to certain point on click, can you provide me with documentation for that if i can use motionPath plugin at all.. This is my codepen :) gsap bicycle (codepen.io)
  5. Hello, I have svg with two paths, i need second path to follow first path, i tried with tween and motion but cant make it work at all, does anyone have an example or something that can help me resolve this problem