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  1. Thanks for your answer! I'm clearly understand impossibility of adding listeners via XML, but could be nice to mention in docs we should add them "classic way" since in this case we should add listeners not like usual while dealing with greensock classes. However, we have ability to set loader's vars property - and it's really intuitive to set vars property to vars object, like ImageLoaderVars, including all necessary listeners and apply new vars on the fly (hey, we got new vars here and they contain listeners - let's add them if they already not set!), especially because we could wish to set some additional vars (like smoothing), not only listeners. In my case, I loaded raw jpeg files only, using ImageLoader. Before repeat file loading, I called ImageLoader.unload() on desired ImageLoader instance and called ImageLoader.load() on it afterwards. Memory increased slowly, not with BitmapData's definitely, more likely with something smaller. I'll try to investigate further and make sure I'm not forgot anything.
  2. If I have some ImageLoaders in the XML with load="false", XMLLoader creates instances for them and applies vars from XML without listeners, like onComplete. If I apply vars with listeners later, after getting loaders via XMLLoader.getChildren(), listeners will not be set, so only way to listen complete event of the deferred loaders is adding an event listener directly, like: var nextImageLoader:ImageLoader = _defferedLoaders[index]; nextImageLoader.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, _onNextImageLoaded); nextImageLoader.load(); It works for me, but it was not easy to came to this - I had to debug greensock sources to see what happens and why I can't use common vars syntax with deffered (load="false") loaders. I tried both nextImageLoader.vars.onComplete = _onNextImageLoaded; nextImageLoader.load(); and var imageLoaderVars:ImageLoaderVars = new ImageLoaderVars(); imageLoaderVars.onComplete(_onNextImageLoaded); nextImageLoader.vars = imageLoaderVarsl; nextImageLoader.load(); But it doesn't work for me - loading happens, but listeners are just ignored. Also if I try to use deferred loaders and keep them for re-use, just unload()'ing content, memory consumption grows, like something still keeps internally and grow with every load() call.
  3. focus


    Thanks once again! You're right! Just tested my swf with FlashDevelop profiler and there are no any issues with PropTween too, I'll report a bug to the TheMiner author.
  4. focus


    Thanks for your answer! Nice hint about looping the tween! By "trashing memory constantly" I mean PropTween is growing constantly, up to very huge amount before collecting by GC. 5 minutes of waiting on the screen with 10 looped tweens can store more then 10 000 PropTween instances in the memory according to the profiler... Here is a part of memory profiling data with 3 columns for the one frame render: Added Removed Current Array 0 0 71 Object 18 0 175 com.greensock.core::PropTween 37 0 11980 flash.events::Event 12 12 25 com.greensock::TweenLite 9 0 47 Current - is an amount of instances currently in the memory. So, looks like PropTween is added on every frame, but not collected at all or collected too slow to keep it's count constant. I tried to profile your speed test swf, and there is interesting thing - FAST tests have no this issue, usual tests - have it. Please, look at the TheMiner memory profiler via PreloadSWF (http://www.sociodox.com/theminer/support.html) on your speed test to see what I see... Maybe it's a bug in the profiler and it just don't "see" how PropTween instances are collected? Thanks!
  5. focus


    Hi! With help of profiler, I'm noticed PropTween is trashing memory constantly if I have some looped TweenLites on scene. This is really annoying on mobile devices because it forces garbage to keep growing and GC to work what leads to the FPS drops =( I should mention how Animator lopped them: _in(); function _in():void { TweenLite.to(this, spd_02, {scaleX:1.2, scaleY:0.8, ease:Sine.easeInOut, onComplete: _out}); } function _out():void { TweenLite.to(this, spd_02, {scaleX:1.0, scaleY:1.0, ease:Sine.easeInOut, onComplete: _in}); } I know there are repeats and yoyo available in TweenMax, but looks like PropTween still trashes the memory even with yoyo and repeats=-1 =( Please, let me know if there is some kind of workaround exists for this case, thanks!