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  1. first of all i'm so sorry. I am trying to improve my English 😅 actually i'm trying to do exactly that: https://streamable.com/01wmiz @OSUblake @akapowl
  2. I want processes to start after black goes above orange and <div class="panel blue"> Contant 1</div> <div class="panel red">Contant 2</div> <div class="panel orange">Contant 3</div> <div class="panel purple">Contant 4</div> the contents overlap I can fix this problem
  3. I made the move I wanted but I think too much code and doesn't seem very flexible. How can i make it shorter and more flexible?
  4. you saved my life again.thank you
  5. yes, it's a css topic. I wanted to get help because I couldn't. Normally it needs to be centered with this code left: 50%; top: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); images do not appear when I use these codes, when I change these codes, it's not responsive. https://codepen.io/rimedtades/pen/RwpRGxv it happens partially when I use flexbox, but mobile seems problematic body { height: 1000px; background: #000; display: flex; justify-content: center; }
  6. in this example, I want to use a pin instead of position:fixed. scrollTrigger: { pin: "#hero-lightpass", scrub: 0.5 }, I can't Center the pictures when I do this. https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/2152a28cffe2c2c0cca8a3e47f7b21c6
  7. Exactly this. Thank you very much @Cassie I won't forget you🥰
  8. you're a superhero @Cassie 😃I studied the documentation and learned a lot of things I didn't know. I hope I can finally ask you something🙂 https://streamable.com/u6lsrp exactly like in the video,how can we extract the second text as soon as the first text ends?
  9. Thank you for taking care of it @Cassie .I can't read documentation because my English is not good but trying to improve my English🙂 it slides up as it passes from the first text to the second text. Instead of sliding up when the first text disappears, we can reduce its opacity ? I'm working on, but I can't. https://codepen.io/rimedtades/pen/poegmmY
  10. first of all thanks @BrianCross. what about when we add another text? actually the text transitions on apple's airpods pro website exactly what I want
  11. hi friends, I'm new. There are a few texts. Text must be fixed in the middle. I want the text to change as you scroll down the page(opacity 0 to 1). Thank you for helping me