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  1. Hi there, I have been playing with BlitMask and have it working but with a caveat. I am creating some flow based objects (pipes, data links) for a training module, and I am setting them up as objects that can be placed on the stage and scaled dynamically. For example, you could drag a pipe from the library on the stage that is 20px high X 200px wide and scale it to 20px high X 800px wide to start building a pipe flow. You would continue to add pipes and connections and varying lengths until the system is built. When the custom flow function is called for that pipe, it determines
  2. Thanks Jack, I knew it had to be something simple. I thought i had tried to addCHild before , but then had taken it out thinking the attach function was doing that for me. The liquidStage class is really cool, looking forward to working with it in this project.
  3. HI All, I'm just getting started with LiquidStage and I am having a issue with it seeing objects that are added to the stage dynamically. I may be overlooking something obvious here, but this is whats happening. If I add a new object and attach it to the ls like this: var header:infHeader = new infHeader(); ls.attach(header, ls.TOP_LEFT); I receive this error: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at com.greensock.layout.core::LiquidData() at com.greensock.layout::LiquidStage/attach() at contendo::Interface/buildI