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  1. 17 hours ago, Dom_Ortiz said:

    Thank you very much brother, I already found the problem.

    Hello sir, I hope you are well, I apologize for so many annoyances, yesterday I created this post to help me with this slider that we are talking about in this thread, but I am missing something, this slider I have tried to put it in full screen but it did not It has worked, if you can help me one more time I would appreciate it, it is to see if you tell me How can I make this slider expand to full screen? Greetings.


    See the Pen pJyYEO by bdang (@bdang) on CodePen

  2. 15 minutes ago, Ali Manuel said:

    Hello @Dom_Ortiz and Welcome to greensock , here an example of a similar slider



    When I place the code inside $ (document) .ready (function () {} it keeps its slider form but when I click it it does not work, but if I remove it from this code the variable lights up but loses its form and the images one below the other, what am I doing wrong?