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  1. That was really helpful, I'll review my entire code and try to follow your advices, thanks a lot.
  2. Thank you Cassie for your quick response, I provided a demo like suggested, if I need to provide anything else feel free to notice it, If my code need some optimization or can be improved please tell me.
  3. Hi dear, This is my first post in this Forum, I apologize for my ignorance, I joined a video to my request, as you can see in the video, there are 2 sections ( Call to Action + A second Section with text and Images ) I have pinned a laptop to the scroll, the thing I want to achieve is that I want to change the laptop screen in the second section every time the text change, I spent 4 days trying to achieve that effect without any result, if someone can just guide me it will be a great help for me. 2021-05-05 11-38-10.m4v