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  1. My bad @GreenSock i actually created a codesandbox, https://codesandbox.io/s/black-dawn-t4hy1p?file=/src/App.js the issue i am having is whenever i navigate to my gallery page which you can by clicking on the view more button, my page slides up from the top and i have been wondering why that happens and it is not meant to be so then when i refresh it, it becomes normal kindly assist with i might be doing wrong!!
  2. I am trying to create a slider, but i keep getting some errors and it keeps on crashing my browser, anyone knows what i am doing wrong here
  3. Hey @OSUblake Yes that is what i was trying to achieve, found a solution also by my self, this is the codesandbox for it, its similar, but i love your approach, way better than mine. Thanks a lot, you made me think 🚀 https://codesandbox.io/s/sections-from-an-array-of-objects-forked-te0rf4
  4. Sorry should have said that method works, used it for the latest observer method with cassies example and it worked with react but i am looking for a more react based method. i can post a codesandbox showing an example of what i did after folloging your guide eearlier today. https://codesandbox.io/s/amazing-greider-7xgkdm A sanbox of what i am trying to achieve with the idea, i have a data.js file which is an array of objects but now instead of the traditional having to manually input all sections i want to have one component that does that and upon scroll it changes making it more dynamic, lets say i want to click on a component and i want the data of a particular section as a modal or a page that is where i am getting confused, already removed everything i have tried since
  5. Hi there @OSUblake sorry, i have actually been trying for some hours now and still dont get what i should be doing because of the whole utils.array and other things. i can render it, my data is showing thanks though, i will try to solve it by myself hopefully i can. Have a lovely evening
  6. I saw the codepen on here and i have been trying to recreate this for about an hour now and do not even know where to start from, please who can help. i do not want to create the sections the same way in that codepen but rather form the details from an array of objects meaning creating just once component, i am fairly new to react and i would like know how to do something like that in react, looking at it from vanillajs perspective, i already know what is going on and i also created it like this in react but i want a situation where i have minimal code and the an array of objects forms one component making it more dynamic so i can click on it to get more information about each section that comes in. kindly assist
  7. Good day saw the release of the observer plugin and it is very cool, I want to recreate something like what @Cassie did with this code pen in react, been looking at it for hours and don’t even know where to start. Kindly assist me or point me in the right direction on what to do, I’m a beginner so I’m pretty confused on how I should go about it. Should I map and create a component or outline just like how Cassidy did and select all the slides with refs. I’d really appreciate if anyone can assist me. Thanks
  8. Sorry i know it is a must we have a working codepen or sandbox to be able to get proper response back from the community but i have attached a YouTube link to what i am looking to recreate in react with the flip plugin, i do not know where to start and i would like some advice, the video was done in vanilla js but i would like to get some ideas on how to implement with react
  9. Thanks again @Cassie and @GreenSock i finally found the workaround i wanted, now to read more on the docs 🚀
  10. Wow jack you are really good a this, yes always making the top image around that 8deg rotation and then after it leaves the next images also takes the same amount of degree through the whole loop or timeline
  11. Okay will do that, really appreciate it though, is there a way I can keep this connection other than GSAps platform like LinkedIn or twitter?
  12. Oh okay will do that and look into the docs, but do you think there is any other way to refactor the solution code into something that will look more like what I was describing. If you notice when the next image comes in the rotation degree it gets is relative the one that moves out at first, I tried setting the active class to a transform having rotation it still didn’t work as planned. I’m a noob in Js and just trying to find my way and make it happen. Thanks Cassie
  13. Hi, the images rotation are too random, i tried setting it and they basically all just stick to one rotation, is there a way i can solve tis, kindly assist
  14. Hi @GreenSock yh this helped, really appreciate this!!