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  1. would be really nice to have some feedback on possible ways to tweak this dice roll, as it's not perfect just yet! http://www.andy-hayes.com/pv3d/dice/textured/ gotta luv shortRotation property!
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to use TransformManager classes to make an image scalable within it's scale constraints (which is what TransformItem's setScaleConstraints method is for) but also it needs to be able to flip using a flip button (which calls something like _transformManager.flipSelectionHorizontal() when pressed). The problem these two levels of functionality appear to be incompatible .. as the flipSlectionHorizontal won't work since the scale constraints I need to have are positive numbers (minScaleX: 0.5, maxScaleX: 2,, and the same for scaleY)... I have attached a demo that shows the incompatibility, and am trying to hack it to make it work how I'd like, but can't find a way. I'd be really grateful to anyone that can help!