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  1. Thank you very much for the hint, I switched to .fromTo() and now the animation works perfectly after a resize. As a bonus the code is a bit more comprehensible 😀
  2. Hi everyone, first of all I want to say thank you for this great library! It is really easy to start with it an build great effects Now my question. I have setup a simple example here https://codepen.io/Ogod/pen/abprgQp?editors=0010 Basically all images are arranged in a "gallery". The animation should move them from their calculated starting position to their target position. The animation works really fine on scroll but when the window is resized the images are not aligned correctly anymore (x, y and scale are wrong). So I tried to set invalidateOnRefresh to true and use function based values in the calculations. But then the animations breaks: - the opacity is completely missing - the starting positions of the images are initially missing, they just appearing at the right position when the animation starts after resize: - the starting and ending positions are wrong (images are not aligned correctly) - the animation seems to play backwards when I scroll down, so the images are animating from small to big (to their starting position) instead of big to small Any ideas what is wrong with my animation and invalidateOnRefresh? Thanks for your investigation