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  1. @OSUblake thank you for the response Im guess my knowledge of the tools is lacking, you mind if i come back in here with a question if i find something ?
  2. Thanks OSUblake, seems like ive targeted the pie i cannot bite
  3. Hello guys. First of all i would like to thank this whole community , the way you help people is just...well its rare to see nowadays, especially after you are left to bleed on your own on stackoverflow Im trying to recreate this dribbble shot: https://dribbble.com/shots/14037848-Docket-note-Side-menu I guess i could manage the part where he presses + and those circles fall down in staggers(SASS filters i guess?). But that transition from circle to the appended note seems impossible to me. There is my weak attempt made with vanilla js in the pinned codepen. Since transform-translate doesnt affect the document flow, i have no idea how to come up with something clean. I could not make it work with GSAP. If someone guides me with tips or directions, i`d be very happy