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  1. Hi Jack, I have created a code pen that shows the problem I am having with the SVG transformation and what I would like to achieve. https://codepen.io/brennolima/pen/XWeJQGV Thanks in advace.
  2. Hi Jack, Thanks for the fast response. I tried achieving a combination of scaleX and skewY but in the final result, gsap still transforms it into a matrix and gives me the same unexpected behavior between the start and end points. Is there any way I can fix this?
  3. I am having this problem while trying to make a very simple transform. On the code, I simply have: .to('#left-gate', { transformOrigin: 'center left', transform: 'rotateY(180deg)', }); On the browser, when I inspect, I have: My transform is being altered to use the matrix format. How can I either force gsap to use the rotateY transform or to make the matrix transformation without the weird middle behaviour? bug.webm