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  1. Hi Everyone, I am using Owl Carousel for one of my old projects, but I would like to implement GSAP in my new project. Owl Carousel Demo URL with sample code: want to implement the same functionality using GSAP fetch the custom JSON data to create autorotating carousel sliders. Is it possible to do the same using GSAP? If yes, can you please share some examples? Sample Output would be: Thanks, Group of Oceninfo
  2. Thank you @akapowl gsap.timeline() Seems interesting. I've updated my code. Can you please have a look as it's still not working as expected might be missing something?
  3. Hi Everyone, I saw image animation, reveal on website load, and I am wondering - how they have done? I know that they use TweenMax, but I am not able to figure out how. Can you please drop me some ideas? Image Animation Revel Effect: https://tinyurl.com/homelogoloader Thanks in advance for your help!