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  1. Hey there. Here is my demo, I'm trying to recreate the animated scrolling arrow in the circle on this site : https://joseph-berry-webflow-master-class.webflow.io/ (also attached) https://codepen.io/tolkadot/pen/ExXbqMN I've got both arrows scrolling but I'd love to be able to get the overlap so the the top of the one is visible as the tail of the other leaves, which I think means I'd need two timelines? Which I also tried (commented out code in codepen) Question: Is creating two seperate timelines the correct way to approach this? Thanks.
  2. Thank you, my understanding of how scrollTrigger works has jumped 100%.
  3. I'm trying to build a side navigation, whereby the currently active section (this is the trigger) adds a class to the corresponding navigation element on the left. My callbacks are working on scroll down the page, but on the way back up, nothing happens. I've got scrub set to true & once set to false and can't work out why it's not working on scroll up. Is there a better way to go abut implementing this, or am I missing something basic about how this should work. Edit to add - the pen is working on codepen, but not in this preview window.