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  1. @Visual-Q what if we add opacity on enter onEnter: () => gsap.to(elems, { opacity: 0, }), I added this but its not working
  2. fjanroid

    Smooth scrolling

    Hi, I come through this portfolio site. how we can control this smoothness through GSAP? https://www.nicolaspellegrino.com/
  3. @mikel is this possible, this coffee image opacity from 0 at the bottom and once its scroll down it opacity will be 1 in the center. and once we scroll furture coffee image opacity again from 1 to 0. and rasperries have same effect as coffee. check this site, I am trying to do the same effect https://pegahghaemi.com/
  4. @OSUblake thanks man for your kind support. through other tutorials and solutions, I created this. https://codepen.io/fjanroid/pen/gOmymeo might you can help me in this as well. 1. on scrolling to next slide how can i adjust opacity (slide B ) from 0 to 1 and slide C from 0 to 1 and then 0 if scroll. 2. Once I reach to Slide E I am not able to reverse the scroll with same effect.
  5. Hi I am new in GSAP and looking for solution to achieve this kind of effect. https://pegahghaemi.com/ Background image scale and increase and decrease opacity of the image and then new image loads with smooth transition. any one can help to get this in react