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  1. @Rodrigo First of all, thank you so much for your reply -and the warm welcome! And thank you for confirming my doubt. At least, now I know the reason! I want to keep things simple and within my capabilities, hence I'm not going to dive into Vue or React 😄. So basically, if I want to try to make it work, I should keep the "content" I want to reach after the transition on the same page, right? Like a modal?
  2. Hi everyone! This is my very first time trying using Gsap, so probably what I am trying to achieve is beyond my league, but since I love it, I really wanted to give it a try! I am trying to make a website with a H1 text animation -which works thanks to the tutorial I followed- but I would love to add now a page transition always with TimelineMax (if possible, of course). Basically, by clicking on an image, this image will bring to another html page. After the click, I'd love a full page transition. Now, I already found on this forum something similar, which I tried to replicate... but it's not working, and being such a newbie with Gsap, I don't know exactly why. Is it because the example I took inspiration from shows a transitions between 2 images in the same page -while I'm targeting a new html? I'm adding a very basic CodePen of the similar code I'm using on the actual page. Thanks to anyone in advanced!