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  1. Thank u sm @akapowl for that example, i looked at it and i see there's "translateZ" and i thought i should rewrite my animation with the use of translateZ and it worked exactly what's happening on Weeknd website.again thank to u both for helping me on this code 😊
  2. Thank u sm @Cassie for ur feedback and that ".set" for Opacity worked, i was trying with the opacity in timeline but i didn't try .set and its really worked the way i wanted 😊
  3. I'm trying to recreate The Weeknd website Scrolling effect, I have written a working gsap code but I just cant crate that IMAGE CLIP EFFECT when u scroll enough that Image will pass by u. in my code, it's just scrolling and zoom but on Weeknd website, it has the effect of zooming and the image will pass by u, I'm trying to create that effect but right now I don't know how to hide an image when it becomes full zoom.