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  1. Cool! It looks promising I will test this approach in my project and let you know if any questions arise along the way Thank you @mikel!
  2. Thank you @Cassie In that case I will use heights. I noticed that I need to calculate the start positions for all items. It is not very convenient (I have many sections and different heights). I believe that with time I will find a better way to do it. However, I have one more proble here: the start positions become incorrect on window resize. When I reload the page it's ok again. Is there a way to fix it? Here is the pen: https://codepen.io/zofiaifoz/pen/jOyzgyB Just resize the window to see it.
  3. @Cassie when I use scaleY the animated elements cover the sections that are below them. The sections remain fixed and I wish they would flow up with the animation). Any ideas? Here is the pen: https://codepen.io/zofiaifoz/pen/NWdyVVV
  4. Thank you @Cassie Thank you @mikel I'm going to try out your suggestions and will be back with results. In the meantime, for a more complete picture, I attach a simple concept of the project and also an animated gif showing (hopefully) what effect I want to achieve I use Svelte for this project. I divided it into components (based on sections). Animated elements are just part of the design concept and have no content, just graphics (svg). My attachments exceed the max total size, so here's the link: https://gracious-brown-97593d.netlify.app/ Best
  5. Thank you Cassie. It is exactly what I wanted to achieve 😊 But things get more complicated when I want to use more elements right? Look at the attached pen: https://codepen.io/zofiaifoz/pen/YzNYKmB and illustration. What would be the best way to do that? Ah, and ideally I'd like to use "vh" instead of "px", is it possible? I would appreciate any tips.
  6. Hi, I am at the beginning of my adventure with javascript and GSAP, so please be understanding :). I want to make some animations on elements that decrease in height when they enter the viewport. On the same page I'd like to use ScrollTrigger.batch() on other elements but have some difficulties with positioning them. On the pen attached (https://codepen.io/zofiaifoz/pen/GRrOPJW) the orange items load too late, in other words they appear too high above the bottom viewport line). If I delete the blue animation, they load correctly from the bottom (See the pen:https://codep