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  1. I have follow your suggestion. https://codepen.io/zenithlai/pen/GRrMoxB But now I facing responsive issue, when I resize the image cant't fit in the white background section. Have any idea on how i should write on responsive ? Appreciate if you can advice. *Sorry, I'm newbie for greensock, not familiar with this. Thanks
  2. Hi, Can u please share me some example, so I can refer. Thanks
  3. This is what I want! But is they anyway to let the content auto calculate the content height? instead of set the height? .philosophie, .philosophie .wrapper { height: 50vh; width: 100%; } .philosophie .point { height: 50vh; width: 100%; display: flex; align-items: center; padding: 4rem; outline: 1px solid red }
  4. Hi, This is what my side view. Because my website only little content for that section, thus can I reduce the spacing between top and bottom? And the following section appear right after the scrolling part end. Thanks!
  5. It is works! Thank you. I have one more question. There is only little content for the section, thus I would like the content and image to appear once i scroll down from previous section instead of middle of the screen. And the following section appear right after the scrolling part end. https://codepen.io/zenithlai/pen/GRrMoxB Thanks!
  6. Hi, Would like to seek for you guys advice. Currently im working on the animation development for one of my website section. However, I would like the image to come out in "fade in" & "fade out" mode instead of scrolling up and down. Do you guys have any idea on how i should write on the code part ? Appreciate if you can advice Thanks !