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  1. @PointC sorry! I have try some settings and go to bed. I will look tomorrow
  2. @PointC @Cassie You can see it here : https://staging.e-chopperleusden.nl/huur-je-fatmax/ I have only add the code from the first post on the page. gsap.timeline() .to("#image1", { opacity: 1, duration: 0.75 }) .to("#image2", { opacity: 1, duration: 1 }) .to("#image3", { opacity: 1, duration: 1.25 });
  3. Thank you. This works but it isn't smooth. How can I make this more smooth?
  4. I am new and have see some examples. What I want is three vertical images that fade in each after each when the page is load. Maybe some movement, but my problem is how to do the opacity from 0 to 1 in 750ms, 1000ms and 1250ms when the page is load?