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  1. Ahh ok Coding isn't really my strong point. Probably not even a point at all. Thanks so much for taking a look. I'll see if I can find a freelancer who can help me out or something. thanks again
  2. Hey there Thanks so much for taking a look. I've just updated the code again. the path should be there now. Should appear just below the laptop image. Does that help at all?
  3. Ahh sorry, that's what it was. I'll get there one day. https://codepen.io/Casso77/pen/ExWgaQv
  4. https://codepen.io/pen/ Apologies, hopefully the above link will work.
  5. Hey Cassie Thanks for getting back to me. I did notice that the code pen wasn't up to scratch. I've cleaned it up a bit and got it to work on codepen. However. On my site, I just can't get it to work. https://codepen.io/pen/ On the my site, I can get the section in, but I can't get the sprite to show (or any image for that matter) hope that all makes sense now Many thanks
  6. Hey guys and gals, Was wondering If you could point me in the right direction. I'm trying to get the 'animate sprite on scroll' using ScrollTrigger, but I'm having real trouble getting the sprite to appear on my site (link below). Can anyone suggest any edits or see anything I've done wrong (most likely) Thanks www.paulcollett.co.uk
  7. Hey Abi Thanks for replying. I'm not sure I understand. I'm such a newbie at HTML let alone Java. Is this something you could fix?
  8. Hey guys I have a website: http://www.paulcollett.co.uk/index9.html and need to have ScrollTrigger implemented in two (maybe three) sections. The first instance uses the GASP before and after scroll technique which works, but is covered in black from the second ScrollTrigger action which is to play a video on user scroll. Here is the demo I used or the code https://codepen.io/shshaw/pen/9e810322d70c306de2d18237d0cb2d78 It's sort of working, but as mentioned it creates a black square on one ST section, and the this particular section the scroll starts too soon so will need to be adjusted. Hope all that makes sense, if anyone out there can fix this, you'll be a god send. Many thanks
  9. I've not looked into the jobs forum as yet and appreciate that what I am asking is above and beyond what a forum can offer. I was hoping that the solution would be something fairly simple like a wrong line of code or something similar. Perhaps I was a little naive with that thought. I'll have a go on the jobs forum. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks for all your help
  10. Oh Jeez. Things are worse than I thought then 😫 So, late last night, I started over, using that code above and got so close. But now I have a black square covering my other ScrollTrigger event (the one that works) and I guess I'll also need to adjust the positioning to make it react at the appropriate time. It's a little off. But so close. I've checked the documentation and it mentions GASP covering whole timelines. Does tat mean this particular page is known as a timeline? As always, any help greatly appreciated
  11. Hey guys Me again. So in my haste, I have just figured out that the code I'm trying to get you guys to use isn't actually GASP (face palm moment for sure) I've taken the GASP code from the before and after demo and works perfectly. Alas there is not demo for video scrubbing. Is that possible using GASP?
  12. Excellent, I'll look into that. In the meantime I've managed to find the 'vanilla' code I was using. Perhaps this could help with the clean pen I need? https://codepen.io/shshaw/pen/9e810322d70c306de2d18237d0cb2d78
  13. ha ha great film to. However, time is of the essence. I would be willing to pay one you fine knowledgeable people for your services if that's an option? Needs must and all that
  14. Hey all Thanks for all the feedback. Truth be told, coding was just something I was doing in the background. Picking up bits here and there. This whole Jave thing is all new and all confusing. The job is a bit of a rush, Just been made redundant and need my portfolio/website up and running to send out etc etc. I've gone back to the dev, but I think they are struggling, it was someone from people per hour after all and they are not always the best suited. I'll look at SVG and see what I can do. Actually, This was the first attempt: http://www.paulcollett.co.uk/index8.html This used two SVG graphics. Don't ask me how I done it though. I've cut and paste more code than I care to admit haha
  15. Hey Cassie Thanks for the reply. I've put the correct link path in, and linked all the style sheets and java scripts as they should and it still isn't working on Codepen. Sorry all for being so clueless. As far as my knowledge allows, the below pen is just the video section. https://codepen.io/Casso77/pen/ExZwBYp