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  1. Yes I know. But that issue has not been resolved. That's why I opened a new topic. I found the solution to the problem. You can review below. if (distance.y > hypotenuse || distance.x > triggerDistance) { return; } if (distance.x > hypotenuse || distance.y > triggerDistance) { return; }
  2. Can anyone help with this? I'm having the same problem.
  3. Hello, might anyone know why the cursor is is tweening only on the last element and not on the first two, i have added a for each loop on the targeted elements but yet only works on the last one. I think it might be the if condition although it is giving true outcomes.
  4. @OSUblake Hi again. I did the work I wanted to do because of you. I just have one problem left and I couldn't solve it. I added a canvas to my website, but I'm having a z-index problem. When I use the pointer-events:none code, I cannot select the posts. A website solved the problem I mentioned. But I didn't know how to do it. My Example Url : https://codepen.io/mrtsiradisi/pen/wvPNyaO
  5. Thank you. It will be a good start for me. I can find out by examining this code.
  6. Hi, I saw the effect I liked very much on the website I saw on the Gsap showcase page. (https://advanced.team/). I want to make the mouse effect on this site.I did a little research and noticed that you are using canvas. But I didn't know how to do such a thing. Can you guide me on this?
  7. Yeah. Thank you. I can do whatever I want with the examples on this page.
  8. Thank you for your answers. I'll investigate a little more. The part I can't do is when a div goes to the right side of the site with an animation when the page changes.
  9. Hi, http://www.macandevelopment.com/fr I want to make a site similar to this site. I could not find an example of page change animations on the site. Can you help with this? I am using vuejs and gsap.