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  1. @akapowl we have used smooth scroll using GASP and that works perfectly fine. Now we want to hide the scroll bar and I am not sure if that is possible. Can you please let me know if that is possible and if yes how we can do it https://booking.torkmotors.com/
  2. @akapowl Its working perfectly 😊. Thank you very much 🙏🙏
  3. Hi @akapowl - thank you for help me but i have one issue, i am updated code here if possible can you help me issue = first time when page load smooth scroll is working perfect but when i click on Show Price Breakup than footer cut off when we scroll at bottom. I don't know how to add codepen demo here, thats why i share codepen demo link here. https://codepen.io/chintan_w3nuts/pen/LYjRmog
  4. Thanks for this Example , i am using this many time. But can you updated scroll and body height on click and resize ? Thank you.