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  1. I am very embarassed now. It is because scrub was not there lol. I was checking one commit behind. Sorry to waste your time everyone haha
  2. I have followed the best I can up to writing in the code for ` scrub:1;` I am having trouble understanding how my c class isn't behaving the same as in Carl's video. It just carries on like scrub was not there? https://jnutt367.github.io/ScrollTrigger/scrollTrigger.html ` gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); gsap.to(".c", { scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".c", start: "top center", end: "top 100px", scrub: 1, markers: true }, x: 400, rotation: 360, ease: "back", duration: 5 });
  3. I don't have codepen examples, because I am trying to make a repo every day that I study, so I am coding in VSCode while learning. This is better for me to get used to how things work in the real world. I have run into several concepts and skills that are useful in being a beginner in gsap. Having prior knowledge working with and drawing my own SVGs during Treehouse Tech Degree HTML5 Canvas and also D3.js library have all helped me to really get into and enjoy where gsap3 is taking me. Thanks for the help to anyone who guided me thus far. And Carl, you are brilliant and I am enjoying getting f
  4. I am going through first video now! Thank you for your instruction. I will be seeing alot more of you down this road. You are appreciated.
  5. Thanks so much I was one of those people you speak of at the beginning of this video that read and read documentation and never gave the videos route enough consideration. I am sure this will help. I appreciate it Carl!
  6. I am going to give the custom ease and ease visualizer videos a run through but have been having trouble figuring out how to properly implement customEase. I have the downloaded customEase file in the project, the gsap cdn before ( I have tried it afterwards as well) , then the customEase script tag, and the gsap.js script tag. Can anyone tell me possibly where i am in error as far as how to start implementing customEase? It looks and is very exciting and I am in need of help to breakthrough this misunderstanding. Thank in advance. God bless.
  7. The Ocean. Just started. Learning how to tween. https://jnutt367.github.io/gsap6/
  8. Posting my progress with gsap on Twitter and Linkedin to document my growth and keep myself accountable. Thanks for support. Is this the appropriate area to do things such as this or is there somewhere that I should be doing this instead. https://jnutt367.github.io/gsap5/ and also happy Easter to you all!
  9. jnutt367


    I am loving this so far. I have limited time per day but what I have been able to soak in is amazing to me. I can't wait to keep upping my animations game one day at a time. Thanks for being here! https://jnutt367.github.io/gsap3/ This is the first thing I built with gsap. Hopefully more and better to come...