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  1. I'm running into the same problem. Here are some details I came across on the problem and a possible solution: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1372 ... update-bug I haven't tried the js alert fix yet, but clicking out and back into the browser does take care of it every time for me. I'm going to try checking the browser for Firefox, and if so, throwing up an alert saying something lame like "Image Successfully Uploaded!". Hope this helps
  2. Hello, I'm having problems listening for the DESELECT event. I only have one item added to the transform manager and I'd like to be notified once you click off of it. I'm able to get ROTATE, MOVE, SCALE, etc. to fire. Here is the chunk of code in case I'm missing something obvious. private function doFileComplete(e:CustomEvent):void { Common.removeAllChildren(custImgContainer); custImgContainer.addChild(Bitmap(e.params)); manager.addItem(custImgContainer); trace(manager.autoDeselect); // is set to true manager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.DESELECT, onDeselect, false, 0, true); } private function onDeselect(e:TransformEvent):void { trace("in onDeselect"); } Is there anything special about this event, or is my impression of its use incorrect? Thanks so much for this awesome tool, Billy