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    Map animation SVG

    Thanks for the explanation.
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    Map animation SVG

    Thank you Mikel for the answer, just to make sure if I understand it correctly the difference in you example is that the the animation block is declared outsite the forEach so inside the gsap I can call all the animation to "reset" themself. I could probably apply the same approch and use the timeline controls like reverse correct?
  3. Altea

    Map animation SVG

    Hello, I'm writing an animation for a Map. As you can see when a button on the left is clicked I draw the line and a circle (sometimes more the one) that indicate a point on the map. The animation is working fine but I have a problema when I start the animation one right after the others. I wrote this lines tlMap.set(mapCircles, { autoAlpha: 0 }); tlMap.set(mapLines, { drawSVG: "0 0" }); So I can reset the lines and circles of all the points when I click on a button. But if you click on a button and right away click on a second button you wil see that the first animation will still be going and I would end up with lines from more then one button showing on the map. I think i need a reverse on all the other animations but I cannot figure out how to do it. I started to move away from jQuery to Vanilla JS, if you find something that is done wrongly I'll appreciate if you point it out for me.
  4. Great!!! this is exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot
  5. Hello everybody, I'm having a hard time to resolve the problem with my current animation. If you click on any of the menu you will see that an animation starts to change the picture showed. The problem is if you click a menu while the animation hasn't finished yet, if you try to click on a menu and then quickly click on a second menu you will see what I mean. Can anyone point to me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks