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  1. Solved. https://codepen.io/zzkevinlim/pen/ExXaVJE
  2. zzkevinlim

    Circular motion

    Yes, thankyou so much!
  3. zzkevinlim

    Circular motion

    How do I achieve this in GSAP3?
  4. You will be given a single-use-coupon for a lifetime subscription of GSAP 3 Express Course at https://www.creativecodingclub.com/bundles/creative-coding-club with new content added weekly. 50USD, paypal only.
  5. I see, so first value is the referring to the animated element, and the second value is referring to the viewport. I see.
  6. ScrollTrigger has an end property that takes in a/two value(s), my question is what does a value such as "top bottom" mean? I.e. "end: top bottom" or "end: bottom bottom-20px"