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  1. Oh, Thank you, you really helped me! Can I do so that the color of the text change relative to the background? If the background becomes gradually black, then the text should become gradually white.
  2. Hello! I need your help. I had difficulty writing a JS code for changing the background. I have only two colors, it's black and white. The first section should be black, the second section is white, the third section is black, the fourth section is white and so on. At the same time, I want the background to change smoothly when scrolling down. As it happens now for the first two sections. Is it possible to do this?
  3. Android Google Browser. The problem is that the keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen and shifts up the area with the content. As a result of the shift, the animation is re-triggered. When the keyboard disappears, the animation restart again.
  4. Hello! I had a new problem. I use GSAP and ScrollTriger. On mobile devices when I click on Input, the keyboard appears, because of this restart the animation. Animation is also restarted after the keyboard disappears. Is it possible to overcome? I really hope for your help.
  5. Thank you for explained to me. These are very valuable knowledge. I am glad that I use GSAP and there is good support 🙂
  6. But why is it better not to write? transform: 'translate3d (0, 550px, 0) scale (1)
  7. Oh, thank you! let transform3d = gsap.utils.toArray('.transform3d') transform3d.forEach((itemTransform3d, index) => { let elemstrokeLight = gsap.to(itemTransform3d, { scrollTrigger: { trigger: itemTransform3d, start: "top 100%", scrub: true, }, transform: 'translate3d(0, 550px, 0) scale(1)' }); }); But how can I be if I have such a code?
  8. Thank you! You helped me very much! I recently use GSAP, I have difficulty, but it is very interesting for me.
  9. Hello! Please help me. I have a sample code on Codepen https://codepen.io/victor_trunov_/pen/vYgKmwM I have the following problem: 1) I clean the Google Chrome browser cache on Android. 2) I open the page and move to the end of the page. 3) All the effects that I applied through GSAP are updated in the visible area. The effect of blinking is created. Please help solve it. P.S. If I just refreshed this page without cleaning the cache, then there will be no problems.