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  1. The docs show that the first argument to the methods .to, .from, .staggerTo, .staggerFrom and staggerFromTo is an Object: This blog post, however, notes that is can also be a string representing a selector: as of version 1.13.1, GSAP uses that as a fallback (after attempting to detect a selector engine like jQuery). That means that you can do something like this, for example: TweenLite.to("li:first-child, li:last-child", 1, {opacity:0.5}); Can the docs please be updated to reflect that this argument can also be a selector string? Cheers! -Skye
  2. The other day I filled out the survey that GreenSock sent out. Last night, I realized that in my reply I neglected to mention one of the best things about the GreenSock libraries—the phenomenal documentation. Good documentation is very hard to come by, and GS's is among the best. Everything from the interactive demos in the "Getting Started" section to the API docs is clearly organized. (In the API docs, methods, properties, and examples are all linked, just like the good ol' Flash docs.) And best of all, the documentation is teeming with working code examples. It's apparent how much effort has gone into making good, comprehensive documentation for the GreenSock libraries, and for that, I'm one happy customer.
  3. Hi Jack, As a learning resource, would you be willing to consolidate and share the full source code for the top four demos on this page: http://www.greensock.com/css3/ Or maybe as an alternative could you add some source snippets to the second and third demos like the fourth (ransformOrigin) demo has? Cheers! -Skye
  4. Thanks, Jack. Clearly something else is at play in my app code. When I break the code out into a bare bones test, everything work precisely as expected. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Jack, Maybe there is something going on. Let me put together a little bare bones test. In the meantime, is there an preferred , less heavy-handed method for stopping a dynamic prop from constantly deriving its value from its associated function?
  6. Hi Jack, How does one kill a dynamicProps property tween? Even after TweenMax.killAll() the dynamicProps updates still occur. Cheers!