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  1. Yesss!! you did it!! Thank you very much for your help!! The support in this forum is amazing. One last thing. I'm, trying to masking the div with class .content, but doesn't work well. Do you know what the reason can be? I tried with .content{ overflow:hidden} but strange things happen . I attach one image showing that i need. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your quick response but it doesn’t work. I have tried to fix it, but i cannot. I uploaded an example to vimeo to show you that i need. I am very frustrated 😢
  3. Hello!! First of all, i'm sorry for my English. I am currently working in my first project with scrolltrigger, but i have problems with anchor links. The project has in addiction to slider and footer, five pinned sections with some animations (text and backgrounds). Everything seems to work fine. The problem comes with the anchors links (OPTION 1, OPTION2..) that aren't working right and the position of the section is not the right one (The end of the animation of each section is when elements food and background are into the window). Can someone help me please