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  1. I wanted to create an infinite animation with the rocket per my demo but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm currently using MotionPathPlugin and I want it to fly anywhere inside the box like circling around. Also, I would like to make the rocket fire blink somehow while moving. Does the MotionPathPlugin is the best option here? I've noticed some jitters maybe because of the coordinates that I've set. Is there anyway to animate it flawlessly? Appreciate any help!
  2. Hi @PointC, How to convert this to gsap3? https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/LuIJj Thanks!
  3. Hi again 😅 So they've added another path extension. I was wondering how can I trigger the last path only if all items are completed? https://codepen.io/leonardpbdigital/pen/bGgxBGd As you can see the scrolling isn't working flawlessly unlike the one in CodePen.
  4. Sorry about being a pain. I'm still figuring it out myself but really couldn't make it work. Thank you!
  5. Hey thanks for this! It shouldn't go backwards, the only way is to move forward and I'd like to scroll down on the current active button if that's possible. So I should just call any action I want inside setSection function correct? Could you please review my code here and how can I target each .courseprogress per item so it will only load once it reached the active button https://codepen.io/leonardpbdigital/pen/VwPBWKm Sorry, I'm still absorbing your code 😅 Thank you this is very helpful!
  6. Hi, I was wondering on how can I add a callback right after the animation using stagger if possible. I wanted to iterate each item inside the .path-roadmap__lessons and use their data attribute as the value of the progress bar for my SVG and to add a class as completed (I'll be adding a circle progress bar here as well) once it reached the value and so on. So basically there will be one active button and that's where the progress will stop. I already tried the stagger and .each loop but for some reason I couldn't make it work. Hope someone could help me. Thank you!
  7. Hey @PointC I was wondering how can I slow down the clouds here?
  8. That made sense on that part but I'm wondering why it doesn't apply to the other paths? I wrapped them with the same <mask> and in #maskReveal I updated my pen again https://codepen.io/leonardpbdigital/pen/BapBoxo The only problem now is the direction. Why its going to the other way? Sorry for asking too many questions. Am really confused. 😅
  9. Sorry I mean if you go to the css tab and update the .dashedPath class and set the value to stroke-width:5; then you'll notice the active path-1 isn't affected. Don't worry about the jQuery as I implemented this page already somewhere. Just curious about the stroke-width with the first active path. Thank you!
  10. That's awesome! Thank you very much! One last question why is that the .path-1 's stroke-width isn't updating? I updated my pen above. Again, thank you!
  11. Yes indeed, this is what I was looking for. But could you please let me know what am I doing wrong on masking my path here? https://codepen.io/leonardpbdigital/pen/BapBoxo Thank you!
  12. Sorry about the confusion. Maybe I just didn't explain it that well because English is not my native language. So this is basically what I wanted to achieve: As you can see the orange path is the active state that I want to animate. So it will sit on top of the dark path. When user clicks on the start button it will then go to the "What We're Building" element. I hope that makes sense. Thank you
  13. This is how I do it using CSS and jQuery https://share.getcloudapp.com/YEuRqlP7 Basically I just play around with the stroke-dasharray. It's easy when they have the same color but if there's a base color like the above then it's more complicated I think. 😅 I want to achieve the same flow like my link above. Thank you very much
  14. Thank you for your reply. But I want to retain the dash on my path and animate it going forward to the next level. Would it be possible? Unfortunately drawSVG doesn't work in this case I believe based on what I've found in the other topics here.
  15. So I'm creating a path levels and I wanted to animate the SVG path and I added a class per level (e.g. .path-1 to .path-14 ) and these paths has an active state so whenever a user completed a level it will animate to the next level. And I only wanted to change the stroke color and not the dasharray of the path. Is it possible? I've tried to use a <mask> but unfortunately I'm not able to make it work.