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  1. oh no I'm sorry my question has spurred so much forum-centric drama 🙈
  2. Thank you! This makes a lot of sense of how it's structured. I will read up on wrap, thank you!
  3. thank you for putting this up. Yes I tried this version where I duplicated the whole block but figured there mist be a way to more cleanly integrate the alternating
  4. thanks for your help. I understand most of what you said in theory but not in practice. Where would I put the xPercent: etc line? thanks again!
  5. Hi thanks for your suggestions!We're on the same page. I have a ScrollTrigger timeline built (in my codepen example above) it's the batch alternating factor that has me stuck since it needs to be tied to the class but the classes also alternate. Fingers crossed for a code solution
  6. Hi! Thank you so much for this incredibly valuable forum. I've learned a lot lurking already. I am having trouble animating an alternating entrance point based on class name. In my example all 3 images "reveal" from left to right, but I'd like them to alternate so the images ON the right reveal from the right. Each block has a class of either "reveal-image-left" or "reveal-image-right" that could be leveraged instead if the "reveal-image" selector that's being used across all 3 images now. (The HTML is identical for each block with the alternating positioning done with Flexbox) I cannot for the life of me figure this out and I'm not fluent enough in GSAP/Js to get this over the finish line. Many thanks for your help!