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  1. We have a react application that makes heavy use of GSAP & Scrolltrigger which is showing some inconsistent behavior and we need to fix it within a short timeframe. Payment is project-based with clear set of tasks -- the priority is for the Scrolltrigger issues, although it would be great to get assistance more generally. We have no idea how long this will take, we do have a project budget, so please give us a flat bid for just fixing the Scrolltrigger/React issue or for general help. We can also share the code with you, nothing fancy, if that is helpful before you determine your bid. Thanks! A very similar site: https://astraeafoundation.org/microsites/ar2019/ Our site in progress: http://tappingbones.works/icfj/Background:Our application consists of react components to apply various animation effects to content, trigger animations, etc, each component containing it's own triggering logic, and used multiple times throughout the project. Unfortunately their triggers don't appear where they should. We've refined this substantially, but have a few last details to fix for responsiveness, on window resize, and perhaps other needs to reset the animations. Could be a memory allocation issue? How the triggers are instantiated in react appears to be the solution with resetting or killing the instances of the trigger at the right points in the react lifecycle. We have a Tuesday demo of this (48 hours from now) and then need to deliver a week later. This site will have a wide audience, so it would be good for someone with solid experience shipping these sorts of animated websites to give it a once over to tighten the timing, optimize performance etc. Beyond this project, we will have similar needs in the future and will be looking for a goto developer for these kinds of frontend consulting projects as well as specific functionalities, plugins etc.Technology used in this project:ReactGsap 3ScrolltriggerGatsbyEmotionbodymovinreact-lottiegatsby image