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  1. ah, yes ... I had everything I need in the end. It seems so obvious now. I didn't think to use a timeline like that (duration 1 / angle 0 -> 360). That's really cool ! thanks again
  2. I'm trying to do a circular path now and while I'm satisfied with the rendering I doubt about the way I did it. I tried with your setup : update object value through a timeline but didn't succeed and I can't set an ease for example so I feel that something is wrong. https://codepen.io/Bocfil/pen/ZELvWvO?editors=0010
  3. Great ! The way it is done looks great and flexible ! I learned a lot, thanks
  4. https://codepen.io/Bocfil/pen/eYgeRpV?editors=0010 Canvas follow cursor and particles spawn after 2s but I don't find the setup to replay an animation from the start on demand : /
  5. Hello, I'm a bit blocked, I tried differents things but I'm losing myself and don't know how to go with it. In the codepen I kind of succeed to do what I want but the code isn't usable at all ... I would like to do an animation of particles which looks like the codepen but which can be repeat -1. I tried to create a "main object" which would follow the path and get his x and y pos to generate dynamically others particles or, as it is in the codepen, created my particles along the path with an opacity 0 and animate them in order to get the expected effect. I know it is n
  6. Thanks for your answers, greatly appreciated !
  7. Hello ! I'm new to gsap and canvas and I wanted to say that I have found great explanations and usefull links through the forum. The reason of my post is to ask if what I have done is the good way to go, if there is things that I can do better or details that show that I misunderstood something ... Thanks !