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  1. Good day! Who can help with this issue? It is necessary to start smooth sliding of the list and stop at any element. Was able to implement smooth start and stop sliding of the list of elements. How to make sure that a smooth stop occurs on a random element? https://codepen.io/TEHbKA/pen/MWbPdGg
  2. I understand you perfectly. You are already well done that you support and direct you in the right direction. The only problem is to make it rotate and stop at some of the elements.
  3. That is, instead of TweenLite.set, use gsap.set ? Sorry, I did it purely by examples, but I still did not achieve the result
  4. Now this is the course of action: - press the "Start" button and start the rotation - select randomly the element on which we want to stop - will smoothly stop on a preselected element From this list, I managed to smoothly start and stop, but I can't stop at a random tile. Example
  5. You gave a great example of "Manually Stop Spin Wheel using Server Response". How is it possible to apply it for yourself? Only I need to rotate the list of tiles Updated the example
  6. Good day! I managed to implement the rotation continuously. Unfortunately, but I can't smoothly stop at some of the elements and get it. The element should come to a smooth stop in the middle of the container. How can this be done? Implementation example
  7. Hi ZachSaucier. Are there any ready-made examples of what I need to do? I do not quite understand how to implement this using this library.
  8. Good day! I'm sorry for my bad English. Please tell me how to implement an infinite rotation of the list of elements by pressing the "Start" button with the ability to smoothly stop the rotation on a certain element after 3 seconds. The element is determined randomly each time the "Start" button is pressed. The randomly selected item should stop in the middle of the container.