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  1. Thank you Zack. That did help. I'm glad to hear that I didn't make a poor chose with what to call in GSAP. Any other tips would be appreciated. As for GSAP 3, what I have seen of it has me excited. I might do a performance profile of this same use case implemented in GSAP 3 to see if there's any boost.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm another AS3 GSAP guy whose been lurking around for ages. I've always appreciated the work that Jack and the others do so... Thanks. Without further ado, I recently took on a project wherein some brand images are bouncing around in the background of a page. I produced the code that is in the attached Codepen but I am seeing my CPU/GPU usage spike when leaving the page idle. I thought that I'd better check with the gurus before releasing something that's going to kill some nice ladies phone. 1000 foot view is that on init I build a container fu
  3. For the scale, I have added to the updateScale method in the TransformManager: /** @private **/ private function updateScale($x:Boolean = true, $y:Boolean = true):void { var ti:Object = _trackingInfo; //to speed things up var mx:Number = _parent.mouseX - ti.mouseOffsetX, my:Number = _parent.mouseY - ti.mouseOffsetY; if (_bounds != null) { if (mx >= _bounds.right) { mx = _bounds.right - 0.02; } else if (mx <= _bounds.left) { mx = _bounds.left + 0.02; } if (my >= _bounds.bottom) { my = _bounds.bottom - 0.02; } else if (my <= _bounds.t
  4. First off, thanks for this. It was exactly the breadcrumbs that I needed to get a snap to grid function working. The transformManager appears to have a public updateSelection() method now so all that was required to get it function for position was to listen for the TransformEvent.MOVE, adjust the position and update the selection. Where I'm running into challenges is getting the snap to work on the TransformEvent.SCALE. Adjusting the display object, like in the move above, doesn't adjust the TransformManagers handles. So the display object snaps to the scale but the handle position rema
  5. Hello again! I am looking for more precise control over the positioning of an asset in the FlexContentDisplay when the scalemode is set to one of the proportional options. Currently there are options to set the position by alignment. Your VAlign and HAlign stuff. I'd like to be able to grab the image and drag it to a position withing the bounding box. I imagine it's someting like getting access to the wgap and vgap but I am not sure if there are pitfalls to this that I am not seeing. Can you help?
  6. Well I'll be. I'll need to find another way to trim the loaded audio then. Thanks Jack.
  7. For the record there is audio. It is loaded properly and a play call results in sound issuing forth from my speakers. I am even able to do an extract on that same content and manipulate the resulting byteArray. I am just not getting the SampleDataEvents.
  8. I am trying to access the SampleDataEvent for a sound that has been loaded by the MP3Loader. I had assumed that this would be as easy as adding an event listener to the content of the loader like so: ( ( _loader as MP3Loader ).content as Sound ).addEventListener( SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA, onSampleData ); ... but I am not seeing any events. Help Please
  9. RTFM. For the next slow poke... transformItem.scaleMode = TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT now to get the ContentDisplay object to update as it is being scaled...
  10. I am trying to use the TransformManager in combonation with the LoaderMax ContentDisplay. In my application I expose the ContentDisplay scaleMode options to the user (ProportionalInside, ProportionalOutside, and Stretch). Attaching the TransformManager to the ContentDisplay works just fine for rotation and position but it is misleading for scale. The TransformManager scale warps the ContentDisplay. When the ContentDisplay scaleMode is set to Stretch this makes perfect sense but when the ContentDisplays scaleMode is set to either of the Proportional settings it seems like it should change t
  11. Adobe just release 11.2 of the flash player that appears to really mess up the seek function on netstream objects. I didn't delve very far into the issue but I wrote a little test app to confirm the issue. I have attached the project to help. The summary is that I tested seeking to each frame of a video in a loop and got the following results: ----------------------------------------------------- flash version: MAC 10,3,183,18 ----------------------------------------------------- complete - ready to loop through seek on 1273 frames starting seek through video at: 4614 ending seek
  12. Better yet I am extending the class in order to dispatch an update event and hooking onto that. You might consider this as an alternative feature request.
  13. Couldn't hurt to ask. I am doing option 1 but I have to completely override the _update call so I am essentially copying that function and then removing that piece. A little easier than merging but still with the some maintenance concerns. #2 is undesirable for a slew of reasons that are unique to my situation. Anyhow, thanks for the fast reply.
  14. Hi Jack, I'd like to make a feature request for the FlexContentDisplay & ContentDisplay classes. In your _update call you are drawing a, normally transparent, rectangle: protected function _update():void { var left:Number = (_centerRegistration && _fitWidth > 0) ? _fitWidth / -2 : 0; var top:Number = (_centerRegistration && _fitHeight > 0) ? _fitHeight / -2 : 0; graphics.clear(); if (_fitWidth > 0 && _fitHeight > 0) { graphics.beginFill(_bgColor, _bgAlpha); graphics.drawRect(left, top, _fitWidth, _fitHeight); graphics.endFill()
  15. Thanks for the info Jack, I'm not complaining, just trying to understand where my time is going. It does look like the profiler must include the netstream in their [tincan]. I profile my app without videos and the [tincan] method goes away. I have gone through a bunch of optimization and have managed to increase the [tincan]s consumed time to around 80%. In some cases the app is trying to play 3+ videos simultaneously maintaining some sync so it's no big surprise that load for decompression would be high. BTW, I am highly disappointed in the lack of low level hooks that the netstream give