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  1. Thank you guys, I will look at both solutions!
  2. Sure, I've added a new codepen above, that's cleaner. https://codepen.io/williamsrashon/pen/QWdaWyK
  3. I've made a cleaner version. https://codepen.io/williamsrashon/pen/QWdaWyK
  4. Thank you. I have a follow up to this. How can I make this repeat multiple times. I know there is a repeat property, but it only repeats the one original motion however many times I set the repeat to. I sort of want the plugin to do the flip the first time, "Get that state" and make another flip, based on the new state, sort of looping through the plug in as many times as I declare. I'm working on a 3card monte game, see code pen. I would like to just click the button once and have it apply the plugin animations 4 different times. https://codepen.io/williamsrashon/pen/OJbOEzQ?editors=0010
  5. Can this be achieved through gsap? I want to have a shuffle animation for grid items. See Code Pen.