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  1. Hi @Cassie, Thanks for the quick response, But how to bind different text on the basis of image ?
  2. Hi, I want to change the text on the left, on the basis of image we are scrolling on the right side. I am able to scroll the image, but got stuck at text changing issue.
  3. @akapowl Thanks. This is exactly what i wanted. 🥳
  4. Hi, I want to change the alphabet at the top on the basis of data, while scrolling. Assuming we are getting the list in sequential order.
  5. Thanks @akapowl, It worked perfectly. what does this mean, do i need to set a property for wrap container ??
  6. Hi, I am trying to accomplish this animation using scrolltrigger, but there is some weird space below the first section. I added pinSpacer: false and now, weird space is gone but second section is going beneath the first section. I dont what that to happen.. thanks
  7. Yes, This is what i was looking for.. You guys are awesome 🥳 @Cassie @akapowl. Thanks.
  8. Hi @Cassie, Actually i don't want second section beneath until animation of first section finished. after that it should scroll beneath the header.
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to GSAP. trying to create a Shrinking header animation. I am trying to reduce the height of 1st section (Faded yellow) using scrollTrigger . But the issue is second section(Blue section) is hiding behind the 1st section on scroll..
  10. Hi, I would like to create a carousel. Carousel has 2 parts, if i scroll 2nd part then it should fade in/out 1st part and show its content.