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  1. that site looks great,
  2. based on source code from their website , using Chrome Developer tool I just went through every steps, it is just so complex.
  3. Hi guys, I did it , I figure out how to create this animation https://codepen.io/longd/pen/oNWMYbd
  4. thank you , blade I fixed it : https://codepen.io/longd/pen/poPrarj
  5. sorry about that., This is my demo: https://codepen.io/longd/pen/yLbPPaJ
  6. So I built this project 1 week ago, my problem now is after I drag the valve everything work fine but for the switch button I can't play it or resume the progress on it.
  7. Hi everyone. I am new with GSAP, My goal is trying to make this animation done today. I am learning stagger and other tools. Can anyone help with this animation ?. I tried to make all pieces from the crystal floating forever after .to. without animating single one of them
  8. Nice one but still the button animation from Graze Utopia website. I really want to know they animated every single point in that svg you can see at the end of buton the wave still going
  9. I have some problems with this try to use GSAP 3 but It didn't work. Anyone gives me solution ?
  10. How did you come up with this idea : It is just animate Y point p.svgPoint.y = p.startY + p.radius * Math.sin(p.angle);
  11. wwoww, You are so smart hm.... I'm still learning how to create wave :v , but you are so far ahead
  12. I still don't know how to animate the button to make it exactly like the website, https://www.utopiaagriculture.com/approach/ look like they didn't use any morph , but
  13. that's cool but I will try to use GSAP Morph