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  1. Yes please, please. If you could just guide me as to how to set up the GSAP, as you suggested with WebObject. I tried using TweenLite but that doesn't seem to be supported. I tried to edit the published output, but could not get it to even open in TextEditor, so not sure how to open the published output. Not sure what you mean 'using the resources in the player', kindly explain please. Thanks. D.
  2. Greetings. Following up on the Storyline question since the Storyline 3 version does not support GSAP. ... the <script> and </script> tag is html to indicate that whatever is within the tag is js. Is that a correct assumption? If so, can I use what is within the tag, ie src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/2.1.3/TweenMax.min.js"> and shouldn't that work as a js instruction that I could use in the javascript editor in Storyline 3 to initialize GSAP so I can then go ahead and use it? I tried that but with no success. Can you please kindly advise if there is a right way of initializing the GSAP using only js so I can use it. I, of course, do not have access to the Storyline html. Thanks so very much, Daniel B.