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  1. yeah I was looking for the same thanks for understanding and yes, I m new to GSAP.😧 But now, facing two main issues using observer- - facing a jerk while moving or touching. - And not able to scroll or move to the next section after the text is visible. https://codepen.io/Sumitsharmaji438/pen/YzLWdKM please help..
  2. Hi Cassie, Thanks for replying and suggesting migrations, But still the image 1 or image 2... are overlapping the text if I scroll very fast. I want that when image 1 will be the in view then text should be hidden and If I fast scroll at very first time then it should not be scrolled more than paragraph text. I hope that makes sense. can you please help me regarding the same?
  3. Hey, pls help me in a scenario like if I scroll fast then I miss the text and it jumps to the next section. It should always show the text and image swapping section should be in view when user scrolls again. I am sharing a demo here.
  4. Hi ZachSaucier, I simply want the background color animation between the slides before showing the content with the navigation. As you can see in the reference.
  5. Hi, I am very new to gsap, so please help me out I want to make the carousel animation like this https://www.netguru.com/