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  1. Thank you for your response. I don't know the exact environmental issue but it is okay for me if it works with "ng build".
  2. EDIT: If I am using "ng build" all is working. If I am using "ng build --prod" I got the described error!
  3. Hey Zach, thanks for the fast response. I am using the build in Angular CLI to build my project and using the command "ng build --prod". I don't know why its is getting rid of this one line of code..
  4. Hey guys, I am using gsap for the first time in Angular and was trying the Scrolltrigger. In my localhost all works fine with this code: import { gsap } from 'gsap'; import { ScrollTrigger } from 'gsap/ScrollTrigger'; ngOnInit(): void { // GSAP Animations gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); this.ScrollAnimations(); } ScrollAnimations() { document.querySelectorAll('.readmore-block').forEach((box) => { const scrollBox = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: box, start: 'top bottom', markers: false, scrub: 1, end: 'top center', }, }); scrollBox.from(box, { opacity: 0 }); }); } The boxes faded in nicely but now we come to my problem. I use "ng build --prod" to generate my project and loaded it on my server. If I now look on my page, there isn't any animation and I got the following error in console: Invalid property scrollTrigger set to {trigger: p.readmore-block.fadeIn.ng-tns-c45-3, start: "top bottom", markers: false, scrub: 1, end: "top center"} Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() Can anyone help me out? Greetings, Niklas