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  1. Thanks Cassie! Im confident I can fork this to work with my current code base. I struggled with this for ages before posting here. This is a really helpful forum!
  2. Sorry to bother you guys again. I went with the css variable option but have one issue: When the sentence wraps to a new line the animation does not work. Do you know how I can make it work across multiple lines? Appreciate any help
  3. Hi guys, I basically am designing a site with an animated underline using a :before pseudo element. I've used CSSRulePlugin to select it and got it to work but is there anyway to make it work at different scrolltrigger events where ever I use the .underline class? At the moment all underlines are triggered as soon as the first is triggered. I read about the gsap.utils.toArray() and then using a forEach method to treat each node as a seperate animation but it doesn't seem to work with pseudo elements. Is there any work around for this? Thanks in advance!