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  1. Hey guys, I finally got it! I was so confused by the old syntax, so I think I adapted everything to the new syntax now and it's working! So anyway, I made another timeline where the water rises specifically, added the new timeline with .add( ) to the pulsing timeline and let everything start at 0 and now it looks like this: Everything works now, thank you so much for your help and have a great weekend!
  2. Thanks tailbreezy ! That helped me already. But now I have a follow-up question. How should I create the timeline, so that the water rises while the glass is pulsing? As for now the water rises in the glass, then pulses after the glass is full is it possible to simultaneously run the changes in "pointValueYArray", "pointArray" and ".mainSVG"?: Sorry, I'm still quite new to GSAP but it's very cool to use!
  3. Hey everyone So for a project I need to animate a banner. The base of the water level at the beginning is 400 and should be lowered to 250 in a timeline, so the water level rises in that glass. I can't seem to get the hang out of it, since I'm pushing an array in the gsap to draw the water. How can I adjust the pointValueYArray in a GSAP tl? The array at the beginning would be [400, 400, 400, 400, 400, 400, 400, 400, 800, 800] and at the end of the timeline of glass_pulse the array should be [250, 250, 250, 250, 250, 250, 250, 250, 800, 800]. https://