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  1. Thanks so much! I named it header at first and but then changed it to the body and hadn't changed the name yet but it worked! I'll remember that tl is not a state value or prop!
  2. Hello, I am going to do my best to describe what is happening because for some reason it isn't showing on Codepen(I imported react and the like.) I am using useEffect to render out the animations which is just revealing two images, the <h1/>, and a paragraph. It works fine the first time but when I refresh the page, the images get stuck all the way down the page (I set the tl.from y to 1280) and the <h1/> and <p/> are invisible. One image has a little bit of movement but not a lot. For some reason it isn't executing the TweenMax.to section? I have these dependencies in my json.package: "gsap": "^3.6.1", "react": "^17.0.2", "react-dom": "^17.0.2",
  3. (^: Thanks for your prompt replies! I appreciate you taking the time to make this for me and it's a neat idea! I'll use it. I also realized that I was loading the scripts wrong as I had originally thought so that's great...
  4. That would normally be amazing however I don't have that plugin because I have the free version of Gsap. So, I'm pretty stuck but thanks for your input!
  5. Hello, I should preface that I am very new to GSAP. I am essentially trying to make a bootleg version of this pen: https://codepen.io/profodel/pen/yLVozxY?editors=1010 with Gsap. I googled around and found this: and Jonathan's reply was pretty close to what I wanted. I tested it raw but it didn't work so I went to the docs and saw that TweenMax was deprecated so I tried to migrate it over but I don't think I did that correctly because it still doesn't want to open when I click it in the browser. I'm sadly (ha ha) not getting errors either so I don't really know what the problem might be. It's such a simple thing too...