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  1. Hi, I want to build a timer like in the picture I have attached to this post. is there any way to build it with out uses of movieclips ( gotoAndPlay(1) etc') but only with code? Thanks Dan
  2. Hi, I try to load into an image into a sprite with this lines of code var loader:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader(url, {name:"picture", container:spr, scaleMode:"proportionalInside",onComplete:onImageLoad}); loader.load(); It's looks like that the image is getting inside the sprite ( only X and Y pos ) but all the properties like scalemode aren't working. also when I try to removeChildAt form my the sprite flash throw an error that say that the sprite have no children. what can I do? Thanks...
  3. WOW!! Thank you very much for your high detail explanation!! it's sure help me alot ​ Thanks
  4. Sorry on the lack of information, I will try to explain myself again. xml code : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <data> <LoaderMax name="dynamicLoaderMax" load="true" prependURLs="http:///product_images/pTRU1-"> <ImageLoader name="body" url="1_dt.png" /> <ImageLoader name="body" url="1_dt.png" /> <ImageLoader name="body" url="1_dt.png" /> <ImageLoader name="eye" url="1_dt.png" /> <ImageLoader name="eye" url="1_dt.png" /> <ImageLoader name="eye" url="1_dt.png" /> </LoaderMax> </data> LoaderMax code: LoaderMax.activate([imageLoader]); var queue:XMLLoader= new XMLLoader("xml/looseImageLoaders.xml",{name:"xmlDoc", maxConnections:1, estimatedBytes:5000, onComplete:queueCompleteHandler, onProgress:queueProgressHandler, onChildProgress:imageProgressHandler, onChildComplete:imageCompleteHandler }); queue.load(); childComplete code: private function imageCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("Child load is Complete"); if (event.target !="LoaderMax 'dynamicLoaderMax'") { trace(event.target.content); var loadedImage:Bitmap = event.target.rawContent as Bitmap; var image:Image = new Image(Texture.fromBitmap(loadedImage , false)); addChild(image); var spr : Sprite = new Sprite(); spr.addChild(image) addChild(spr); } } as you said the loaderMax is an array of all the childs and not a raw content. But why it's try to load my loaderMax instance? Is there any way to avoid it and get more generic way then this if statment: if (event.target !="LoaderMax 'dynamicLoaderMax'") Thanks, and sorry again on the lack of info from the first post. Dingo
  5. Hi, I am trying to load some images from xml with LoaderMax. When the LoaderMax finish his images loading he try to load himself, In the childComplete function I use the rawContent, but when the LoaderMax try to load his own instance I get an error says that loaderMax don't have rawContent. To bypass it I use this if statement if (event.target !="LoaderMax 'loaderMaxName'") I am sure there is better way to bypass it, What can I do? Thanks, DingoMan
  6. Hi, I try to use blitmask with motionBlur and it's not doing the work this line is working with the blitmask - TweenMax.fromTo(this,0.7, {y:this.y}, {y:this.y - 150,ease:CustomEase.byName("myCustomEase")})); this line dont work with the blitmask - TweenMax.fromTo(this, 0.2, {y:-700}, {y:0,repeat:2, ease:Linear.easeNone,motionBlur:{strength:1, fastMode:true, padding:15}})); when it's dosent work I see all the strip and not just the part under the blitmask. What can I do??
  7. Thanks for the tutorials I learn alot from it I have changed my slots blur as you suggest and I really think that now it's much much better Thanks alot http://danslab.co.il/xpogames/slots/ dont forget to clean the cash
  8. Thanks alot... I had work today on my slot machin you can see it in this link http://danslab.co.il/xpogames/slots/ What do you think on the feeling of the spin? what do you think I need to fix there?
  9. thanks, I have solve it by adding the mask in the parent mc. but I will try adding mask with as3 also.
  10. It's work well if I dont use mask. if my mc is under(inside) a mask layer the blur dosent work. if he with out a mask over him the blur works.
  11. Hi, I have just try to use the blur plugin but for some reason insted of making my mc blur it's make him unvisible. import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenPlugin.activate([MotionBlurPlugin]); timeline.append( TweenMax.fromTo(mc, 0.4, {y:962.6}, {y:-164.4,repeat:7, ease:Linear.easeNone,motionBlur:{strength:1.5, fastMode:true, padding:15}})); What am I doing wrong? Thanks Dingo
  12. Hi, I am new to greensock and I most say it's so cool atm I am building a slot machine game with as3 and I try to make the animation of the spin with tweenMax. I cant get good resulte, If anyone of you made a nice animation of the spinning I will be very happy if anyof you will help me I think this one is very nice http://activeden.net/item/flash-slot-machine/full_screen_preview/12046 Thanks Dingo