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  1. Hi, Community, I am trying to achieve above effect without MorphSVG plugin on React.js. Thanks to this community, I was able to get this working with JS on codepen. Though, I have some difficulty to move this effect to react.js codebase since handling dom event is bit different with JS. I was trying to use ref to setAttribute, but since it was getting whole dom object itself, it didn't work well. So tried with useState to pass this svg d, but no errors, but not working at all. I think I didn't properly understand how to use GSAP svg animation with React. Would anyone please share some thoughts based on my codepen? Also, has anyone achieved similar effect using GSAP with React.js? Regards!
  2. We are looking for some assistance on an internal site rebrand with different animations. Essentially, we would like to work with someone to handle the animation portion of the site which would involve full-screen sections of the site that would animate in when the user scrolls. First of all, we would love to achieve the page-to-page transition along with react-router. where the first screen wipes with some text and new screen appears with that effect. Budget needs to be determined, since I think It is kinda simple to long-run for more animation. I couldn't share detail publicly, but def can share design animation. here are some example effect. but not that level of difficulty, https://www.awwwards.com/inspiration/fully-immersive-vr-experience-medal-of-honor