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  1. Hello group, Ok, I found a different approach that worked for me: Download the gsap zip file from https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Installation, unzip the file and move gsap-bonus.tgz to the root of your project. In your package.json file replace gsap by "gsap": "./gsap-bonus.tgz" Verify your .gitignore doesn't have tgz files. Add a Netlify environment variable called YARN_FLAGS with the value --skip-integrity-check Clean cache and deploy. Ready. I hope this to be helpful.
  2. Hello group, Is there any solution to the problem with gsap and Netlify? I've tried all the solutions here and none of them works. I'm using Gatsby (on local it works perfect) and trying to publish it to Netlify, but I'm always getting the message: error An unexpected error occurred: "https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fshockingly/-/shockingly-3.6.0.tgz: Request failed \"403 Forbidden\"". I've seen this issue was mentioned since the beginning of the month, but there are just workarounds, not a definitive solution.