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  1. Thanks so much for the resources @OSUblake I'll work on it and aim to post a fix here to share with others. I appreciate the support.
  2. Thanks so much for taking a look at this and please excuse me, I'm a bit of a noob I have tried to minimalise the demo so I hope that it makes a bit more sense now. Interestingly, I wasn't encountering the same issue as before but I've ran into a separate/new issue. So when I throw the slider to the left and the current (first) slide is out of frame, the counter is meant to increment by 1 (from '1 of 3' to '2 of 3'). The issue seems to be with my updateCurSlide function. It doesn't seem to be updating the state correctly. Not sure if this is now a React or
  3. Hi there, I am creating an image slider using GSAP Draggable and React. I have added a slide counter so that when you drag or throw the slider the current slide index will display (1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc). The issue I'm running into is when I update the state during a throw (or drag) event. When the current slide update the animation (or drag) stops. I can't find a way around this and I'm not sure why it's stopping the animation. Thanks in advance for any help if anyone knows what the problem is. Here is my code: import React, { useState, useRef, useEffect } from 'react'