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  1. Well I created a simple fla, as you suggested, in Flash CS6! Now Flash CS6 gives you may options for the target flash player! I've tested with 10.3, 11.1 and 11.2! With 10.3 as the target the issue didn't appear, with 11.1 and 11.2 it did appeared with the latter version to be less significant (the loop issue of the cue points)! Here's the interesting thing, by removing bufferTimer in the videoloader vars the issue dissapeared despite the selected target! I will send the link to fla and assets in a private message!
  2. I'm reluctant to post any video files as this is not a personal project. Sorry!
  3. if (cue == 'backgroundVideoLoopEnd') { _backgroundVideo.pauseVideo(); TweenLite.delayedCall(0.1, function():void { _backgroundVideo.gotoVideoCuePoint('backgroundVideoLoopStart', true); }); return; } That was my bad, I changed the actual cue point names just for reading purposes, and accidentally, made that error! Sorry for that! Both cue points exists, I've also attached a screenshot of the console! Now the above code did the trick... By just delaying 0.1 sec it played fine! It works, but it's not the best solution! Any more thoughts? Thanks
  4. There seems to be an issue/bug with cuepoints and gotoVideoCuePoint() function. So there's a movie, with two cue points, 'startLoop' - 'endLoop'... now when the video hits on the 'endLoop' cuepoint we want to go back to 'startLoop'... simple enough! Well, instead of going back to 'startLoop', the video stays at 'endLoop' and the trace function reports backgroundVideo cuepoint name is endLoop in a loop and after a while it goes back to 'startLoop'... Really weird issue! I'm using the latest version of your library. Any thoughts? The video was encoded with Adobe Media Encoder CS6, just in case! protected function _onBackgroundVideoCuePoint(event:LoaderEvent):void { var cue:String = event.data.name; trace('backgroundVideo cuepoint name is', cue); if (cue == 'startLoop') { _backgroundVideo.gotoVideoCuePoint('endLoop', true); return; } if (cue == 'startGame') { // TODO } }
  5. that's what i thought too, and i changed the logic so that it would clear the actual variable to null, instead of the reference "target"... thanks
  6. I'm having some troubles with a function that gets called on the onComplete handler of TweenMax. Here's some code // in some method if (_gameOverScreen) { TweenMax.to(_gameOverScreen, 0.55, { alpha:0, onComplete:removeSprite, onCompleteParams:[_gameOverScreen, _gameContainer], ease:Expo.easeOut }); } private function removeSprite(target:*, holder:*):void { holder.removeChild(target); target = null; } The problem is that the actual _gameOverScreen, which is passed to the parameters of the removeSprite method, doesn't get null. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks in advance, Dimitris