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  1. Hey @GreenSock - i'm hitting this issue too. I'm a club greensock member - could you fire the file over to me when you can? edit: nvm, my membership was out of date. Have updated and it worked. Sorry to bother you! Cheers
  2. Hi @ZachSaucier, Thanks so much for that article, it really helped. I've looped it and it's much cleaner. How should I go about adjusting individual animations? eg let's say I wanted to change the duration of the second brush. I'll add an additional class to that element and then overwrite it? What's the cleanest way to do that? https://codepen.io/spearquit/pen/NWbVGJM
  3. Ah so I did @PointC! I keep stumbling across your work on here, it's really useful. I've created a simple codepen where each brushstroke reveals itself on scroll. I can play with these basics until I'm happy: https://codepen.io/spearquit/pen/NWbVGJM But as there's gonna be quite a lot of them across, I'm not sure what the most elegant way is to loop them?
  4. Hi all, First off - i'm so sorry. I've got the Business Green membership because the dev that I partner with loves GSAP. However, he's been taken sick suddenly and i need to pick up some front end requirements. I'm just a graphic designer with a little front end awareness so if i'm asking real noob stuff, feel free to tell me to go away. We're trying to reveal a number of images on scroll, using drawSVG as a mask. An example of what i'm trying to achieve is here: https://groupeafn.com/en/, where the path reveals the image. I've kinda guessed that we'll need a mix of drawSVG, scrolltrigger and interaction observers. I can see how we can use DrawSVG to to reveal an image here: https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/PdOeaN And I can see that interaction observer w/ scrolltrigger has been used here to trigger on drawSVG scroll: https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/aLxJbZ Am I barking up the wrong tree trying to combine the two? What's the best approach to achieve this? Many thanks, Rich